GPS vehicle tracking is a system that helps most of the organisations to quickly and effectively enjoy their profits by maximising on specific benefits such as, reduced costs, increased productivity and improved safety. If your organisation is considering GPS vehicle tracking, then you should choose a vehicle tracking system that meets all of your feature requirements. If you want to switch from your current provider, ensure you check for a tracking system that has the necessary features that your organisation needs. A vehicle tracking system that doesn’t have the right features for your company will ruin the competition you have with other organisations. When evaluating your GPS vehicle tracking system, ensure that you check for the following must-have features:


A real-time location tracking

The most fundamental feature for fleet management is location tracking. Good GPS vehicle tracking must show where your vehicles and assets are all the time. Now and then, you will need to know where your drivers, assets and vehicles are at a given time so that you can quickly respond to emergencies if any arises. The feature also allows you to send the right people, resources and vehicles to the right place every time. It’s also vital in eliminating theft cases as it shows the exact location where your vehicle is after a theft, and you can easily track the car until you get it. Since not all vehicle tracking providers have the real-time location tracking feature, ensure you get a system that has this feature for easier location tracking.


Customisable alerts

Ensure that you choose a GPS vehicle tracking system which you will receive real-time notifications of the driving behaviour. These notifications will help in improving efficiency and reducing the occurrence of risks. For example, ensure you choose a system that will notify you in case of wasted fuels due to poor driving habits, odd hour alerts, long idle times, high-speed alerts or vehicle maintenance alerts.


Vehicle maintenance scheduling.

Vehicles are a big investment that you made and so keeping them up and operational all the time is something that should be your priority. GPS vehicle tracking will help in monitoring their health and functionality. If the health of the vehicle is not well, the tracking system will spot the maintenance issues and alert you when they need to be addressed. It also ensures preventive maintenance is scheduled and completed in the correct time.


Route scheduling

Before the vehicle tracking system came into existence, it was tough for the administrators to schedule the routes for the vehicles. Most of the time, there could be problems with overlapping routes and drivers taking long routes. These wasted a lot of time communicating with the drivers instructing them to make the next stop or even passing a critical update.

But with the help of GPS vehicle tracking, companies can arrange routes for every driver easily and cost-effectively. Before the drivers begin their journey, they know where and when to make deliveries. Therefore, it’s essential to check for a tracking system that helps you achieve this.


Vehicle utilisation

Check for a tracking system that helps you to know which vehicles are in use. The vehicle tracking system must provide you with a comprehensive utilisation report of your vehicles every day. The feature helps you assess the efficiency of your cars.


Monitor driver behaviour

Monitoring the behaviour of your drivers can be a very challenging task, especially if you are doing it manually. For your business to run productively and efficiently, it’s crucial to monitor the behaviour of your drivers. The vehicle driving system that you choose must be capable of assessing the driver’s behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and time spent in the job site.


When you choose GPS vehicle tracking by Fleet Complete, then you are guaranteed of increased productivity in your organisation.